There have been changes at North Channel Bank’s affiliate in the scope of a repositioning. The current NorthStar Life Services, LLC is renamed North Star Life Settlements Trading, LLC and is a 100% affiliate of the bank. The renamed North Star Life Settlements Trading will focus its activities on trading policies. The servicing business of NorthStar Life Services, LLC, including the rights to use the company name, was sold to its managing director John McFarland. “Our renamed affiliate NorthStar Life Settlements Trading will focus on trading policies for us and our customers. As a bank, this will allow us to concentrate even more on the financing in this sector,” explains Stefan Rensinghoff, Managing Director of North Channel Bank.

Close Cooperation with the Newly Founded Servicing Company
In servicing, North Channel Bank will cooperate closely with NorthStar Life Services, meaning that nothing will change at the operational level. “I am very grateful that this change in ownership will give us more flexibility and allows us to realize ideas in our company that were previously not possible as a foreign owned entity,” states John McFarland, Managing Director of NorthStar Life Services, LLC. “We look forward to continuing to work in a very close partnership with North Channel Bank.”

North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1924 as the privately owned bank Bankhaus Oswald Kruber, located in Berlin. In 2009, a group of North American investors with expertise in the US Life Settlement sector acquired the bank and renamed it North Channel Bank. In the following years the bank developed into one of the leading institutes in US Life Settlement financing. Today, the bank offers not only financing but also investments in US Life Settlements. Its affiliate NorthStar Life Settlements Trading, LLC, Irvine, California, which was renamed in 2020, is primarily responsible for trading life insurance policies. In the structured finance division the bank focuses in particular on financing in the renewable energies sector, (especially equity interim financing), capital goods and growth financing.

NorthStar Life Settlements Trading, LLC (formerly known as NorthStar Life Services, LLC) is a 100% affiliate of North Channel Bank. The company is based in Irvine, CA, USA and focuses on trading insurance policies for its customers, business partners, as well as its holding company North Channel Bank.

NorthStar Life Services, LLC offers a full range of premier services to institutional and private investors in life insurance policies, providing assistance at each stage of the life settlement investment cycle. The firm manages every transaction and portfolio with a personalized solution that considers the investor’s goals, budgetary requirements and risk tolerance in order to construct a strategy designed to maximize investment returns. NorthStar is a member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) and the company’s CEO, John McFarland, is a member of LISA’s board of directors.