We at BVZL hope that you are doing well during this unprecedented time.

Whishing that we all overcome this crisis soon, we invite you to register
and join us for the BVZL Web Conference 2020.

The topic to be presented and discussed will be:

Dealing with a new Normal in the US Life Settlement Industry - Daily operational challenges as a result of the pandemic and how the market is dealing with these.

We are proud to have:

presenting this cutting-edge and truly important topic in a panel discussion (further speakers tba):

  • Disruption caused by Covid-19
    - Carriers, Insureds, State Agency’s, and Medical Facilities- everyone is having to find solutions to new problems and delays
  • Secondary Market and Direct to Consumer efforts delayed even more than before.
    - Impacts of gathering medical records, Transaction flow hiccups and the repercussions.
  • Digitalization in the Future
    - Pros and Cons- acceptance versus complying
  • Education of Consumers via Media outlets
    - Will the secondary and direct markets see a boom?
    - Cutting corners won’t or will make the market better?

Please join us virtually for a lively discussion on this topic plus updates on the German and US Markets as we seek to promote the exchange of ideas to help us all get through this with a little more sanity.

This event is free of charge and will approximately last 2 hours. We encourage you to join us for this online event and take advantage of sharing ideas or learning something new.

Stay safe!

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BVZL-ELSA International Life Settlement Conference 2018

24 September 2018, Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz, Munich

Also this year BVZL and ELSA held a joint conference on the topic of international life insurance secondary and tertiary markets. On 24 September 2018, more than 60 market participants and interested parties met for the largest and most important European event in this field. In Munich’s Kuenstlerhaus on Lenbachplatz, they listened to top-class presentations and panel discussions on trends in life expectancy assessments, regulatory changes in the USA and the run-off problem in the German life insurance market. The conference was followed by an Oktoberfest event, which was as always a highlight for all guests.


BVZL-ELSA Summit 2018 – Presentations Download PDF

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