The „Bundesverband Vermoegensanlagen im Zweitmarkt Lebensversicherungen (BVZL) e.V. was established in 2004 and is dedicated to secondary markets for life insurance policies all over the world.  For its members, the association serves as a uniform representation of economic, legal and political interests. We are in constant dialogue with politicians, opinion leaders, the public and other lobbying groups to further promote the dynamic development of the industry. 

One essential concern for us, is to implement business standards, codes of practice and guidelines with respect to transparency and comparability of the different secondary life insurance markets (e.g. Germany vs. US) and to help to further professionalize this industry. This is beneficial to consumers, looking to sell their insurance policy, as they can trust in the reliability of our member companies. For investors, on the other hand, industry standards and professionalism are a pre-condition for a successful investment in these alternative asset classes.