Winninger AG


Dr. Marcus Simon

Winninger AG is revolutionizing the secondary market for life insurance with a state of the art online purchasing tool which facilitates the process and leads to a faster turn-around whilst offering maximum transparency to the user. Back in 1999, the founders of Winninger AG started the German secondary market for life insurance policies and now rely on this experience for an innovative internet presentation. In 2016, Winninger AG, Hamburg, and RV-Portfolio AG, Zürich, have acquired life insurance contracts in the amount of EUR 45 mn.

Winninger AG nearly buys all endowment policies of German origin (no unit linked contracts) and holds them up to their maturity. The minimum requirements for Winninger AG to offer a purchase are a surrender value of EUR 10.000 and a remaining time to maturity of min. 3 years (contracts with a value of >> EUR 10.000 might be also purchased with remaining durations of less than 3 years).