Agreement of Association Fees

PDF-Download: Agreement of Association Fees

Accoring of § 9 IV of the statues, the members of the BVZL e.V. waive following Fee Agreement effective from 1st. January 2005:

§ 1 Membership Fees

1.1. As a result of § 9 of our statues the membership fee for regular members is E 5.000,-yearly and for supporting members E 4.000,- yearly. The amount of the annual membership fee is relating to the calendar year.

1.2. New members, which are joining the BVZL till 30th June of a calendar year have to pay the full annual mem- bership fee; new members which are joining the BVZL from 1st. July of a calendar year have to pay half of the annual membership fee. Relevant is the date of admission.

§ 2 Maturity of the Membership Fee

The annual membership fee will be invoiced by the Chairman of the BVZL in January and must be paid within three weeks.