As previously announced, we invite you to register and join us for the BVZL Web Conference 2022, sponsored by POLARIS Underwriting Technologies.
The topics to be presented and discussed will be:

–          Fund Structuring – The era of the Open End structures has likely come to an end- Closed vs. Open? A discussion amongst managers
–          Long Covid – Not just Covid but the increasing number of people who don’t return to work, long term side effects of the disease and how do monkey pox now fit in as we forge through another world crisis?

We are proud to have:

  • Anna Bailey, Owner/Founder, Chestnut Capital Management LLC
  • Nate McCormick, Managing Director, Vida Capital, Inc.
  • Perry Gillies, President, Lyric Services Inc.
  • Michael T. Crane, Co-Founder, Managing Principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Lane Gate Advisors LP
  • Adam Meltzer, Vice President Trading, Preston Ventures
  • Brandon Wright, Managing Director, Corry Capital Advisors
  • Vincent J. Granieri, CEO, Predictive Resources LLC

presenting these cutting-edge and truly important topics in a panel discussion.

Please join us virtually for a lively discussion on these topics plus updates on the German and US Markets.
This event is free of charge and will approximately last 2 hours. We encourage you to join us for this online event and take advantage of sharing ideas or learning something new.

Register here for the BVZL Web Conference 2022.